Cercul secret de L.J. Smith


• vol. 1: RITUALUL (apare pe CorintTeens): link precomandă – 20 martie 2011; apariţie – 31 martie 2011

The Initiation

Cassie is a shy, sixteen-year-old who moves back to the town of New Salem with her mother. Before she leaves her old town, however, she falls in love with a mysterious boy named Adam whom she thinks she will never see again. However, upon arriving in New Salem, Adam is there too at the same high school as her.

It soon turns out that a strange elite rules over the school. In this elite, there are two girls who take an interest in Cassie: Faye, who looks down on her and takes pleasure in causing her pain and wants to make a puppet out of Cassie; and Diana, who is much nicer and becomes best friends with Cassie with the two starting to love each other like sisters. It is soon revealed that the members of this Circle are witches and that Cassie is one as well. Diana is the leader of the Circle and Faye has the ambition to take her place.
Cassie also discovers that Adam is Diana’s boyfriend.

6 gânduri despre „Cercul secret de L.J. Smith

  1. myrunaa spune:

    mi se pare destul de interesanta trilogia, tu ce zici deea?

  2. RRoxana spune:

    Mi-e mi-e deajuns faptul ca e scrisa de LJ Smith 😀

  3. Oanna spune:

    Ce bine ca apare si la noi aceasta trilogie deoarece imi place cum scrie L.J.Smith.

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